Autumn Term

What a busy first month it has been back at school! Currently we are learning The Gingerbread Man in English and we have taken part in some great activities to get us enthused about the story...

We had enormous amounts of fun making and EATING our gingerbread men. We read and followed the instructions and afterwards wrote a story about our gingerbread boys/girls coming to life and going on an adventure.

We have made a story map of The Gingerbread Man and we are using it to help retell the story with actions. We are really enjoying learning new words like 'unfortunately' and 'however' and using them to retell the story.

We also made our own dioramas of the setting in the story. Afterwards we labelled the setting with amazing adjectives and wrote a descriptive sentence about the setting.


Our topic this term is the Great Fire of London. We started the topic with a fantastic WOW day. We made bread and pretended we were bakers from Pudding Lane and then got very arty by making Jackson Pollock fire paintings and skyline silhouette pictures of the fire at night. 

This term we were also very lucky to have a visit from Florrie's mummy during a science lesson. We have been looking at Animals and Humans and more specifically the different parts of a human's and animal's body. We met Florrie's adorable guinea pigs and compared our body parts to theirs. 

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