Miss Webber's Class


A big, warm welcome to Year 1. Thank you for visiting our class page! Please visit each term's page to view photos of the fun and exciting things we get up to in Year 1 as well as important information.



Important dates and information for the academic year:

  • PE: Tuesdays and Fridays (Please ensure PE kits are in on these days with both indoor and warm outdoor clothes. They will need daps or trainers for outdoor PE. Please ensure your child is able to remove all jewellery including studs - newly pierced can be covered with tape for 6 weeks and then should be removed).
  • Forest Skills are in Term 3 & Term 6.
  • Music & French in Terms 1, 2, 4 & 5.
  • In Year 1 we have Maths Attack every other week beginning on 21st September (see the attachments below).

Whole-School Collective Worship (CW), SEAL (S) and British Values (B) themes for this year:

Term 1: CW:Forgiveness, S: New beginnings, B: Tolerance
Term 2: CW: Compassion, Trinity & Christmas, S: Getting on and falling out; Say no to bullying, B: Tolerance
Term 3: CW: Hope, S: Going for goals, B: Democracy
Term 4: CW: Truthfulness, Trinity & Easter, S: Good to be me, B: Individual liberty
Term 5: CW: Pentecost & humility, S: Relationships, B: Respect
Term 6: CW: Justice, S: Changes, B: Rule of law


Please don't hestitate to come and see me should you have any concerns or queries!

Miss Webber

  1. Jigsaw KS1 Y1 SummerTerm - for parents 2016-2017
  2. Document 3 - KS1 Phonics and spelling progression
  3. Document 1 - Letter - Phonics and spelling
  4. Document 2 - Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception Word List
  5. Jigsaw KS1 Y1 SpringTerm - for parents 2016-17
  6. Maths Attack Letter - Word
  7. Jigsaw KS1 Y1 Autumn Term - for parents

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