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Welcome back to term 5. Our final topic for this year is called 'Groovy Greeks'. We began our topic on Friday with a fantastic mini Olympics competition between Athens, Sparta and Olympia. We have lots of exciting things planned for this term as well as many school events. Keep your eyes on the dates for diary and news in the newsletter.

We welcome back Miss Ramli, our student teacher from UWE, who will be with us full time for the remainder of the year.

I have a slight change to my time table for the rest of the year. I will now be out of class on Tuesday afternoons, working on a secondment basis for The Church of England Education Office. Miss WInter will be taking my class during this time. The remainder of my time table is unchanged. Miss Winter teaches French, Mrs Adachi teaches music and Mrs Williams teaches PE on Wednesday afternoon. Miss Winter will continue to take the class all day on Thursday when I have my Deputy time. 

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Jamieson (Monday to Wednesday).

As always, if you need to contact me, please email me at and I will endeavour to reply as soon as I can.

Warm regards,

Nic Baykaa-Murray



Homework is handed out every Friday and due on the following Wednesday. Y6 have an additional piece of comprehension homework every week also due in on the following Wednesday. The homework alternates between maths and English.

HOMEWORK THIS WEEK: Y5 - learn the songs for Lion King; Y6 - learn your lines and songs for Lion King

It is your child's responsibilty to hand homework in ON TIME! It is also an expectation that every has a go at their homework.



PE for term 6 will be on Wednesday (with Mrs Williams) and Friday.  Appropriate PE kits must be worn and trainers worn for outside PE.

Class Members of Parliament

Congratulations Max and Millie.

Department for the Environment


Congratulations Meg and Ben.

Department for Worship


Congratulations Aarya and Ruairi.

Dates for Diary

04/06: INSET Day - School Closed

05/06: Youth Speaks Heats Prelims (Y5)

07/06: Boys' Cricket Tournament

09/06: Festival of Youth Sport @ WISE Campus

11/06: Youth Speaks Heats School Finals

12/06: Girls' Cricket Tournament

18/06 & 19/06: Prayer Spaces

19/06: Y6 to Legoland/Y5 Playground Leaders to Hollywood Bowl (TBC)

23/06: Summer Fayre

02/07: Arts Week

02/07: Youth Speaks Area Finals

11/07: School Performance @ 7.30pm

12/07: School Performance @ 7.30pm

12/07: Moving Up Morning

13/07: Reports Go Home

20/07: End of Term 6 and School Year


  1. Maths Dictionary Easter Home Learning 2018
  2. Homework Y5 020318
  3. SPAG Y6 020318
  4. NBM Yr 56 spellings term 4 2017 2018
  5. NBM Yr 6 spellings term 3 2017 2018
  6. Jigsaw KS2 Y6 Spring term
  7. Jigsaw KS2 Y5 Spring term
  8. All Song Lyrics
  9. Meet the Teacher
  10. Y34 Spelling List
  11. Y56 Spelling List
  12. Jigsaw KS2 Y5 Autumn term
  13. Jigsaw KS2 Y6 Autumn term

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