Mr Garcia's Class

Welcome to Year 3


Our topic this term is:

            Journey of a Raindrop


We look forward to our 2nd topic in KS2, full of lots of exciting and fun activities.

On this page you will find any important information linking to Year 3 alongside little activities you can do at home to support your child's learning. Please feel free to pop in after school if you have any questions or queries.

Photos of the children's WOW Day will be uploaded shortly.


Important information for Y3


P.E. will be on a Tuesday and Friday this term.

Maths Attack

Maths Attack takes place weekly in KS2 allowing children to make more progress through the levels. This year we will be doing Maths Attack on a Tuesday. They will be marked and given back to take home on Wednesdays so children can practice at home.

Maths Homework

We do not have any set Maths homework however any work that can be done at home helping children with telling the time is extremely benificial in preparation for when we cover this topic later in the year. We do have a home learning folder where children can put any work they do at home and show this to the class if they want.

Times Tables:

Last year the children learnt their 2,5 and 10 times tables. We will be revising these during the first term of this year. We will learn our 3x table after half term, 4x table in Term 3 and 8x table in Term 4. This is a fun game we play at school to help us remember them.



Spellings follow a two week cycle with children learning a different spelling pattern or rule each fortnight. Spellings are taken home on the first Monday with activities for the children to practise. They are then assessed on the second Thursday on what they have learnt.


Please take a look at our curriculum jigsaw at the bottom of the page which sets out the work the children will be focussing on this term.





  1. Y3 Summer Term Curriculum Jigsaw
  2. spelling_activities_to_practise_words (1)
  3. Letter to parents 2016-17

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