Mrs Duffy and Mrs Long's Class


to Y4 2016-17

We are looking forward to a fantastic year!

If you were unable to attend the "Meet the Teacher" session, please see the parents letter and curriculum jigsaw (attached below) for Y4 information. You can email us with queries at any time: or come into school to speak to us personally.


Our topic for Terms 3 & 4 is




The Y3 & Y4 children had a great trip to the Wessex Water Treatment Works in Bridgewater. A look at the reservoir and tour of the factory gave us a really good understanding of the processes involved in providing us with the safe, clean, drinking water we take for granted. We were also able to do some great science, testing water samples for PH values and nitrate levels. Building dams in the river challenged our problem solving and team building skills and was great fun for everyone. Thanks to Sue Goodland and her team for a really worthwhile visit - we learned a lot and all enjoyed it. A few of our photos are below, but there are lots more to look at in our photo gallery.



Y4 Class Assembly

We based our class Assembly on one of our collective worship values, Hope. We enacted the myth of Pandora's Box, because we liked the message that no matter how bleak things may seem, there is always hope. We hope you enjoy watching our performance - click on the video link below (apologies that the sound is not great)


Monday 19th September

We had a great start to our Terms 1 & 2 topic "Tombraider" and found out a lot about the Ancient Egyptians and their pyramids. Using canes, we made our own square based pyramids and joined them together so that they reached the top of the school hall! Try these activities if you want to find out about Ancient Egyptian pyramids for yourself:  





In Term 1, Y4 are learning all about SOUND

To challenge your knowledge and understanding, click on Ocean Odyssey below:

In Term 2 we are learning about FORCES and MAGNETS

Click on the pictures below if you want a challenge:

Friction        Magnets  


Have a go at these websites to practise you mental addition and subtraction:

For lots of practise activities on the Y4 maths curriculum try:


     Image result for spelling animatedImage result for spelling animated

See the attached sheets below for Y4 Group 1 and Group 2's current spelling pattern

  1. Y4 jigsaw Britain in Stone 2017
  2. spelling_activities_to_practise_words
  3. Y4 AL&JD Parents Jigsaw Term 3 & 4 2016 Journey of a Raindrop
  4. Spellings for 1-12-16 Y4 Group 1 homophones
  5. Spellings for 1-12-16 Y4 Group 2 homophones
  6. Christmas Script
  7. Letter to parents 2016-17
  8. Y4 Parents Jigsaw Autumn 2016

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