Mrs Goode's Class

Welcome to Year 6!

Easter Homework

Keep an eye out for your Easter Homework coming next week - you will be doing Maths dictionaries to help with your revision. These will be due in the week we return after the Easter. We will send home full instructions but you can also find more details below. Remember that the 10-4-10 practice activities and the SATs Organiser with links to Youtube videos are also in the links section at the bottom of the page.

Grammar Dictionaries

Check out Aditi's amazing grammar dictionary below! It will be a great help with your homework.

Grammar Homework - Christmas Holiday

You will find a copy of the grammar dictionay homework in the attachements below. Remember to do a little research if you are unsure - it's a great excuse to watch some Grammarsaurus Youtube videos!

Have a lovely Christmas holiday. 

Website Design Work

Please click on the links in the Survey Links document saved below to complete our website surveys. We will use your responses to design our own webpages. We can't wait to see what you have to say!


Welcome to Year 6 and Mrs Goode's class! We look forward to having a great year ahead.

Kit list for France:

Waterproof coat
Warm jumpers/sweatshirts/fleeces
Jeans/trousers or tracksuit (suitable for games activities and outdoor walks)
Ruck sack (for day trips)
Pack of cards or small game
Trainers / comfy shoes for walking
Old shoes that can get muddy
Lanyard for ID badge
Notebook and pencils
Towels (hand, bath)
Books to read
Toiletries  (including toothbrush)
Plastic bags
Cameras (own responsibility and labelled) 
Water bottle
Insect repellent / bite cream

Here is our timetable for this term:

  8.55-9.10 9.10-10.10 10.10-10.30 10.30-10.50 10.50-11.15 11.15-12.15 12.15-1.20 1.20-2.30 2.30-3.30
MON Reg Maths Assembly Break Guided Reading English Lunch Science Science
TUES Reg Maths Singing Assembly Break Guided Reading English Lunch  Art RE
WEDS Reg Maths Year 6 Assembly Break Guided Reading English Lunch Music/PE/French Music/PE/French
THURS Reg Maths Assembly Break Guided Reading English Lunch Topic Topic
FRI Reg Maths Assembly Break Guided Reading English Lunch Computing PE

Please note PE will be on a Wednesday and a Friday so please ensure your PE kit is in school on these days. In Term 3 and 6 we will have an additional PE lesson on a Thursday also.

Spellings are attached at the bottom of this page.

Our Members of School Parliament for the year are Daisy and Lois. Please talk to them for any ideas or comments you may have as we go through the year. They will feed back to you after their Parliament meetings too.


Reading Comprehension homework will be given out EVERY FRIDAY - this should be handed in on a Wednesday.

Maths and English homework will be given out EVERY OTHER FRIDAY - again this should be handed in on a Wednesday.


Meet the teacher - Mrs Goode - Tuesday 12th September 3.30pm

Thursday 21 September KS2 School cross country

Monday 25th September Year 6 visit to France 

Tuesday 10 October Harvest Festival afternoon

Tuesday 17 October Year 6 visit to Lifeskills

If parents have any questions or you want to contact me at any time please do send me an email. My address is



  1. Maths Dictionary Easter Home Learning 2018
  2. Ten-for-Ten-KS2-Maths-Practice-Booklet---Greater-Depth
  3. KS2-Ultimate-3-in-1-Organiser-2017-Maths-SATs
  4. Jigsaw KS2 Y6 Spring term
  5. Grammar-Dictionary-AditiHegde
  6. KG Yr 6 spellings term 3 2017 2018
  7. Grammar Homework for the Christmas Holiday 2017 Dictionary
  8. All Song Lyrics
  9. Survey links Mrs Goode's class3
  10. PGL presentation 17 in progress
  11. Meet the Teacher – Mrs Goode’s Class 2017
  12. KG Yr 6 spellings term 1 2017 2018

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